MASSIVE thank you to everyone at Kidzplanet for having my back and helping me through those tough days when I first had my first baby boy. That was invaluable to me and to be honest that was the starting point for me in really realizing how great the team in Kidzplanet is.

My child’s teachers here are VERY good at what they do. They connect with the kids and kids love them. When I ask my baby where she learned that song or that story she always says her teacher’s name. She also started the most well used saying in our house which is “sharing is caring”. They are also great at giving feedback on my child’s day and sharing funny stories etc. So I am very aware that they have had a huge impact on my child.

They are really so well suited to preschool and the kids love them. I enjoy sitting on the floor and chatting to them in the mornings before leaving my boy. They are fantastic with the babies and just seeing how comfortable my baby girl is at drop off to Kidzplanet, is a testament to that. They are one of my favorite people to see first thing in the morning as it feels like seeing family.

And lastly, but not least,thank you for being open to the chats and not taking the defensive stance which so many people do when hearing constructive criticism.

I really, really appreciate it.

You guys deserve to be recognized and appreciated for the hard job you do.

Well done folks.

Keep up the good work!